Turn the Radio Off 12-3-2013

5 Dec


Mike vividly describes the moment he popped the question then he vividly describes the last bachelor party he went to. Kyle’s simple one step fix for the economy, are we scaring ourselves into recession? Hey did you hear Detroit is bankrupt?  Click Delta City or Click Here. 

Turn The Radio Off 11-26-2013

27 Nov



Buzzfeed standing up for people with curly hair, the truly voiceless and oppressed. The death of a cartoon dog made us sadder than we thought it would. Steubenville, Anonymous and the downfall of the internet’s most hated man. Click Brian to download or Click Here.

Turn The Radio Off 11-19-2013

20 Nov


Leaving bad tips in the name of Jesus. Mike channels his inner Doctor Laura to give young Kyle some guidance and stop trying to make us look stupid Jeff Foxworthy/Buzzfeed! Click the poorly drawn map or download here.  

Turn The Radio Off 11-12-2013

13 Nov


Olin, in for Kyle talks about when he was homeless. Mike explains why he didn’t post last week’s episode. Why the kids aren’t that into Facebook anymore. Why Detroiters need to stop living and dying  by what celebrities say about the city. Click Anthony and Charlie or download here.  

Turn The Radio Off 10-29-2013

31 Oct


Mike tries to convince station management to write Kyle up for being late. Giraffe Riddle, Bit Strips and the latest Facebook panic hoax hits metro Detroit. How the newspapers lied to us about the aliens, death of a cartoon and who are the most beloved coaches in Detroit history? Click the adorable giraffe cartoon or download here.

Turn The Radio Off 10-22-2013

24 Oct


How do people run marathons and update Facebook at the same time? Men knock over rock: nation riots, that one time Dr. Drew tried to get into Mike’s head and an angry mob of 100 adults harass local high school bully. Click the mob or download here 

Turn The Radio Off 10-15-2013

17 Oct


Winners never quit even though losers usually win. 10 year anniversary of Moises Alou ruining Steve Bartman’s life. No Bra day, raising awareness or creepers getting their rocks off? Click the picture of Boston and the Babe or Download Here. 

Turn The Radio Off 10-7-2013 Super Show Part 2

9 Oct


This week we combined forces with Sean  and Matt from Middle Class, White Guys for a two hour super show. Here’s our hour, the TTRO version. Mike scolds the world for ripping him off every time someone has a good idea. How teenagers ruin everything, what to do when your best friend won’t stop lusting after your sister and the guys have to choose between their women or their sweat pants.  Click the photo above or download here. 


Turn The Radio Off 10-01-2013

3 Oct


Shocking Scandal Exposed: NBA Jam proven to be fixed and all the Lame Stream Media is talking about is the government shutdown and Kyle sure does have a lot of rules for how other people should live. Click the NBA JAM Screen shot or download here. 

Turn The Radio Off 9-24-2013

25 Sep


The only two white guys don’t watch AMC break down Breaking Bad. A young stand up comic gets sage life advice from Louis CK and do people need to stop whining about Generation Y and their whining? Click the damn kid or download here.