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Turn The Radio Off 9-10-2013

12 Sep


Man steals deputy’s uniform and hides out in our building. Kyle’s hears our show and HATES it. Youtube drunk driving manslaughter confession, noble of ghoulish karma whoring? and we take a young internet radio host under our wing. Click the Youtube Screenshot or download here.

Turn The Radio Off 9-3-2013

4 Sep

poster (4)

Olin Ezra and Plankman fill in for the still missing Kyle. Back to school, what some teachers are forced to do to make ends meet. Why Rudy is the biggest weiner movie of all time and why did Dave Chapelle really walk off stage in the middle of a show? Click Kyle’s missing poster or download here. 

Turn The Radio Off 2-21-2013

21 Feb


This week’s episode we tackle subject’s we’re not qualified to talk about. How to get people to believe everything you say on Facebook. Leave Dr. Drew alone. The new feminism Tina Fey vs. Lena Dunham. Click Marnie from girls or click here.  

Turn The Radio Off 2-14-2013

15 Feb

Top NFL Picks

Kyle’s sex bunker Valentine’s Day, Ray Lewis to be the new pope and living in a 3rd world American City, minus the goats and Epcot Center Sucks…or rules? Click the football babe or click here. 

Turn The Radio Off 1-31-2013

31 Jan


30 car accident on I-75, sadness porn in the news, Louie Anderson vs Carrot top, are banned Super Bowl commercials just lame publicity stunts? Kyle’s gross new black market racket and the battle for Belle Isle. Click French News Anchorwoman Melissa Teuriau or click here.

Sean Varicalli Radio Show 1-9-2013

9 Jan


Matt Michelle and Sean ring in the New Year with their first show of 2013. Listen in as they asses Michelle’s potential motherhood and deem her fit for a sperm donation. That, and all kinds of uncomfortable conversation. Click the New Year babe or Click Here.

Sean Varicalli Radio Show 8-7-2012

7 Aug

On this week’s show the guys discuss how hot Ryan Lochte is. Er..we mean, how big of a douchebag he is. Amanda brings her boyfriend to stick up for her and it doesn’t work out. Also, Oakland University raises tuition yet again, what are the students thoughts? That and so much more. Give us a click! 

Vagina, rubber balls, murderous soccer hooligans 6-20-2012

20 Jun

White old dudes fear the vagina, Kyle’s semi racist internet girlfriend hates Detroit…Illinois? dudes with rubber testicles on their truck and in which sport do the fans murder the athletes? Click the vagina protesters or click here

Kripsy Kreme, Tupac’s Hologram at Bonnaroo? 6-12-2012

12 Jun

White people sure love Bonnaroo. Kyle tries to slander Mike’s good name. Is British Royalty still a thing? Donald Trump’s human dog show and Krispy Kreme (the rapper) to tour with…Tupac’s hologram? Click Miss Pennsylvania’s boobs or click here.

50 Shades of Jessica Simpson’s K2 Baby Bump! TTRO 6-6-2012

5 Jun

How did a South Korean diplomat end up at Kyle’s graduation party? A real live female sets us straight on “50 Shades of Grey” and Jessica Simpson; the latest celebrity exploiting her kid for one last grasp of relevancy. Click the picture of us being internet creeps or  click here.