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The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 12-10-2012

11 Dec


Sean flies solo tonight on a special one hour edition of the show. He discusses how finals really can be super unimportant and some anti study tips. Also, how can Sean offend the entire east coast? With a Hurricane Sandy joke. That, and talk radio and how it’s evolved and the tragedy in London over a baby and a prank phone call. Click the HD picture of Sean or click here. 

The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 11-13-2012

12 Nov

On this weeks show, the guys urge you not to vote. Michelle thinks differently and attempts to talk politics, Dave Coulier hangs out with them to shamelessly promote some stand up shows, and more! Click Uncle Joey or click here. 

The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 10-30-2012

30 Oct

This week the guys sit down with Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead and Prison break. Sarah plays Lori Grimes on the hit TV show on AMC. She’s talking everything Walking Dead and her brief appearance here on Oakland University’s campus. Click it!

The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 10-23-2012

23 Oct

 Sean proves his strip club food haters wrong. The guys also break down the 25 best horror films, Twitter censoring and some Hulk Hogan nudity. Click the young student paying her way through college or click here. 

The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 10-08-2012

8 Oct

This week, the guys are matched up against Paul Ryan and Kid Rock. Who wins the rating battle? The guys of course. Later on, they’re joined by both The Kid, and Paul Ryan. Also, would you watch porn to benefit breast cancer research? That, and who is the sexiest woman of 2012? Warning: this show is fairly offensive.

Click Special Guest: Jillian Bell from Workaholics or download here. 

The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 9-25-2012

1 Oct

The show this week is covered in filth. But thanks for tuning in anyway. The guys are informed of a co worker with poop anxiety and then open it up to the masses. Also, where are the biggest wieners in the world? How do they size up? Matt skates on thin ice with a majority of his statements and Sean has a beef with Lupe Fiasco. Sean is joined by Craig T Nelson. Click the coach arcade game or download here. 

The Sean Varicalli Radio Show 9-25-2012

25 Sep

On this week’s show, the guys contemplate whether to either podcast it or not. Sean is really proud of his fat jokes, so they  decided to keep it. Similarly to last week, Matt picks a sub culture and calls them out. Is there a world wide bacon shortage? And the show is saved by the lovely Michelle Beadle from Access Hollywood.  Click Michelle’s picture or download here. 

Sean Varicalli Radio Show 9-18-2012

18 Sep

On this week’s show, the guys are hurt by their lack of Twitter followers and continue their spiraling depression with the Amanda Bynes story. Also, Sean hates the gays. Or does he? An update on Matt’s mustache, and would you stop public sex if you saw it happening? The guys were joined by Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords as their special guest. Click Rhys or Download Here. 

Kirk Fogg, host of “Legends of the Hidden Temple” on The Sean Varicalli Show

11 Sep

On this week’s show, the guys were joined by Kirk Fogg who hosted the TV game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon. The guys talk everything about the game show with Kirk from the temple guards, shrine of the silver monkey and cheating secrets. That, and Kirk’s first ever movie shoot where he showed his bare ass.

Sean Varicalli Radio Show 9-4-2012

4 Sep

On the show this week, the guys find out that Michael Clarke Duncan died and then mourned. They discuss OU teacher strike scare, a Breaking Bad spin off? and another black eye for Detroit. They were joined by Jodie Sweetin from the show Full House and finally, Matt accepts the worst bet ever. It will forever be known as the mustache challenge. Click grown up Stephanie Tanner or click here