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8 Jun

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Dark Knight Rises; Movie Theater Massacre; Gun Rights; Minka Kelly, Carly Rae Jepsen Alleged Sex Tape; TTRO 7-24-2012

24 Jul

Mike’s unsettling bachelor habits; Dark Knight Rises Movie Theater Massacre and the gun rights debate; Carly Rae Jepsen, Minka Kelly and alleged celebrity sex tapes do they have any effect on anyone’s career anymore? Click Carly Rae or click here. 

Turn The Radio Off 5-8-2012

8 May

White people sure do love midnight movies. Facebook and it’s viral emotional pornography propoganda. What kind of loser boos at a little league game? Is a small amount of bullying healthy? Male birth control. Jr. Seau: the suicide debate and is being an NFL star worth it? Click fat Captain America or click here.

Turn The Radio Off 5-01-2012

1 May

Is college a scam? At what age do you stop getting “older and better” and just start the long slow decline towards death? Stealing baseballs from a baby and is Mitt Romney proof that Americans don’t care about politics? Click the lazy college senior or click here.

Turn The Radio Off 3-27-2012

27 Mar

Kyle rolls in late, why Mike can’t watch Star Wars, How the Trayvon Martin case is making us all look like idiots and watching the Playboy Channel for the first time.  Click the bike girls or click here. 

Turn The Radio Off 3-20-2012

20 Mar

Mike confesses to a murder. The guys defend Rick Santorum until he starts messing with our porn. Kyle finds the last bastion of journalistic integrity on this stinkin’ rotten Earth and…some Ed Belfour talk? Click on The Eagle’s face or click here. 

Turn The Radio Off 3-13-2012

13 Mar

KONY 2012: Facebook slacktivism and the sanctimonious life cycle of a viral video. Mike comes up with a solution to end all bullying, the return of caller Pete and Kyle confronts the guy who puked all over his place at a party. Click Carl Weathers Kony or CLICK HERE

Turn The Radio Off Podcast 2-14-2012

14 Feb

Mike and Kyle try to figure out if listener Trapper is dead or alive. Speaking of death, folks sure act strange when famous people die. Adele’s throat surgery stole Bruno Mar’s Grammy. Ellen Degeneres; more bad ass than your precious Chuck Norris. Why you should leave a bar if a famous athlete walks in. Click the Trapper benefit album or click here.  

Turn The Radio Off Podcast 1-31-2012

31 Jan

Kyle leaves Mike off the guest list for his victory party, the guys discuss how facebook complicates relationships which leads to an all out facebook brawl amongst listeners. Mike threatens to move to Canada if Newt Gingrich doesn’t build his moon base. War on sarcasm continues. Click the old men in suites fighting or click here 

Turn The Radio off Podcast 1-24-2012

25 Jan

Mike and Kyle recount times they have “Cundiffed”. Mike makes an appeal for a cabinet position in the Gingrich Presidency: Secretary of Canings. Why Penn State is an ass backwards doomsday cult and our expert with Aspergers breaks down what happened with SOPA/PIPA. Click Newt or download here.