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Turn The Radio Off 02-07-2012

7 Feb

Kyle almost misses our first show on a brand new affiliate. Super Bowl commercials suck, the guys break down the most racist Super Bowl commercial of all time, Mitt Romney continues to bore us, bring back Old Hickory and his moonbase! Why the prudes are losing the made up “culture war” and Dr. Love’s Valentine’s day tips. Click the pretty Asian lady or click here.

5 Songs: Alkaline Trio: Matt Skiba

6 Jul

One week before Alkaline Trio’s release of Damnesia and a week after I counted down my 5 favorite Dan Andriano songs it’s time to take a look at guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba’s top 5 tracks.  Once again i’m only profiling Alk3 songs although ‘Patent Pending’ by Heavens is a fall weather classic I thoroughly enjoyed his split with Kevin Seconds and I have to admit I didn’t pick up “demos” nor will I likely pick up his next solo album if it’s recorded on garage band. So here it is the top 5 Matt Skiba Alkaline Trio songs in my uneducated opinion.

#5 As You Were off goddammit

the fifth spot was the toughest to decide on, it was a three-way tie between Old School Reasons  (too many dual vocals to be considered just a “Matt Skiba” song), Lead Poisoning (great riff, great melody and the well placed trumpet during the bridge is a nice surprise) and this song. Ultimately the tie breaker went to “As You Were” because I felt “goddammit” was underrepresented on my list.

#4 Mr. Chainsaw off From Here to Infirmary 

“In case you’re wondering we’re singin about growing up about giving up and giving in” So many great lines, I believe I used every single one of them across many AOL IM away messages.

#3 Calling All Skeletons off Agony and Irony 

As previously mentioned “Agony and Irony” is probably my least favorite of all the Trio Records but “Calling All Skeletons” is the best opening track (both live and recorded) Alk3 has in their discography. This song may have been my #1 but the chorus and bridge leave a little to be desired but the verses are so damn strong they more than make up for it.

#2 My Friend Peter off Alkaline Trio (First B-side Album) 

 “I Don’t care who you’ve been kissing on these days it’s out of my hands and in my mouth with such a pleasant taste I need a beer to wash it all away without a trace,  and I’ll drink 23 more to wipe this stupid smile off my f@!#in face.” Just watch the tall dude 0:00-0:03 seconds in and then again from 0:08-0:10 seconds in, just about sums it up. In this video Skiba sings “My Friend Jerry,” most likely an inside joke pertinent to the city they’re playing in rest assured the song is in fact entitled “My Friend Peter”. 

#1 Radio off Maybe I’ll Catch Fire 

This may actually be my favorite song of all time. Yep I believe it is.

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5 Songs: Alkaline Trio: Dan Andriano

29 Jun

In the near future I hope to launch a brand new broadcast endeavor The 5 Songs Podcast where I have select guests on to play any 5 songs they want for any reason, then we talk about said songs and hope an interview breaks out. I know what you’re thinking “Mike, you’re a wannabe internet talk show host not a wannabe online disc jockey,  what is this? turning down the bro? Well i’ve spun a tune or two in my early days and since there will be no live TTRO this week (due to my gout foot needing medical attention) I decided to get my (gout) feet wet with the whole 5 songs idea. In honor of (The) Alkaline Trio’s “best of” acoustic record damnesia set to release on July 12th as well as alk3’s bassist/crooner putting out his own solo record August 9th I give you the very first 5 songs podcast, in blog form: Alkaline Trio: The Dan Andriano Collection. I will preface this by saying I don’t know a thing about music except “Hey! I like that song” or “Eh don’t like that song a whole lot.” Also this list is limited to Alk3 songs although his solo split with former Trio/Smoking Popes drummer Mike Felumlee is good too.  

#5 Take Lots With Alcohol off From Here to Infirmary

I guess I have to write something here or the spacing will look like shit. Good tune I think the drum beat actually makes the song, ironically (That’s Detroit’s own Derek Grant formerly of the Suicide Machines on drums in this video). I think I use too many commas and semi colons. 

#4 Love Love Kiss Kiss off Agony and Irony

Agony and Irony is probably my least favorite Alkaline Trio album. It does have a few gems; I think “Calling All Skeletons” is the band’s strongest first track as well as this one. Lyrics are a bit cheesy but the melody is infectious and “Do you curse the happy couple? Do you cringe at wedding bells? Do you drink up all the punch while you wish ’em all to hell?” Is my favorite line on the record. Alk3 guitarist/co lead singer Matt Skiba makes an appearance in the bridge.

# 3 Emma off Good Mourning

I remember reading somewhere; years and years ago; probably on the internet; about how Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano decided to write a song for the other one to sing on “Good Mourning;” Andriano wrote “Fatally Yours” for Skiba and Skiba wrote this one about some vampire chick but I couldn’t find anything on google to confirm it.

# 2 Crawl off From Here to Infirmary

Pure (teen) angst, probably because I was a teenager when I bought my first copy of “From Here to Infirmary.” To me D.A’s voice captures the gut wrenching, world ending feeling of unrequited teenage infatuation better than anyone but at the end of “Crawl” he takes us to the opposite end of the spectrum; apathetic dejection.

#1 Standard Break from Life Off Remains/UK Bonus Track From Here to Infirmary

Oooh a b-side how very Midtown of me. Alk3 is one of a  few bands whose b-sides are just as or almost as good as their album tracks. B-side doesn’t always mean “song that didn’t make the cut” a lot of times they’re just “song that don’t fit in on the album.” “Standard Break” is pure pop/punk/folky/goth/rock ear candy. It bounced around in my head over and over during a time of my life where I didn’t own a CD burner, iPod or high speed internet connection. Imagine my frustration trying to find the extended UK version of “From Here to Infirmary” on Interpunk. 

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