The Progrim 4/1/14

5 Apr

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The Progrim 3/17/14

22 Mar

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The Progrim 3/11/14

15 Mar

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The Progrim 3/4/14

8 Mar



The Progrim with Olin Ezra and Other Mike Parsons 1-6-2014

7 Jan


The Polar Vortex seeks vengeance on Olin, Jenny McCarthy gets trolled by the internet. Jenna Jameson’s 4chan army. Real women have curves and so should..Barbie? Click Jenna in her heyday or download here. 

Turn The Radio Off 12-17-2013

18 Dec


Heavy show this week, not a lot of laughs. Michigan “Rape Insurance” fact vs. fiction. Jameis Winston winning the Heisman gives us the creeps. Invasion of the robot waitstaff and Kyle calls everyone racist. Click Rosie the Robot or download here. 

Turn The Radio Off 12-10-2013

11 Dec


Olin Ezra, the boss, in for an ill Kyle Bauer. Tila Tequila goes Nazi and Olin has to explain what a blood sacrifice is to Mike. Can an ugly drive thru attendant ruin your meal? How to tell if a news story is fake and Buzzfeed gets it wrong again. Click Tila in simpler times or Click Here.

Turn the Radio Off 12-3-2013

5 Dec


Mike vividly describes the moment he popped the question then he vividly describes the last bachelor party he went to. Kyle’s simple one step fix for the economy, are we scaring ourselves into recession? Hey did you hear Detroit is bankrupt?  Click Delta City or Click Here. 

Turn The Radio Off 11-26-2013

27 Nov



Buzzfeed standing up for people with curly hair, the truly voiceless and oppressed. The death of a cartoon dog made us sadder than we thought it would. Steubenville, Anonymous and the downfall of the internet’s most hated man. Click Brian to download or Click Here.

Turn The Radio Off 11-19-2013

20 Nov


Leaving bad tips in the name of Jesus. Mike channels his inner Doctor Laura to give young Kyle some guidance and stop trying to make us look stupid Jeff Foxworthy/Buzzfeed! Click the poorly drawn map or download here.  


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